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Read more about complaints after COVID-19 and what the organisations C-support and PostCovid NL can do for you.

Complaints after COVID-19

If you still have symptoms three months after a Covid infection, it is called long (long-term) COVID or post-COVID. You may feel tired, forget things or suffer from stress, anxiety or a loss of taste and smell. Most people with long COVID have 10–15 symptoms simultaneously. These are the most common:

Lieke: “In mid-March 2020, I became violently ill. I had a severe headache and sore throat and was extremely tired. A few days later, I was short of breath and developed a fever. I had no energy whatsoever; it took me five attempts to climb the stairs. Even the GP had no idea what to do.”

Help for people with long COVID

There is no standard approach. Each situation is unique and requires a personalised approach. C-support listens carefully to your symptoms and their impact on your physical and mental health, social life, work and income. C-support answers your questions and gives advice but does not offer medical treatment directly. Aftercare and medical advisors will help you find the right healthcare providers or enlist experts such as an occupational consultant, lawyer or financial advisor. Together, we look at how we can improve your situation. C-support works with teams all over the Netherlands.

Jeanet“Above all, C-support provided a listening ear where I could share my fears and insecurities. I was taken seriously, which gave me a lot of support at times when I could not think clearly due to cognitive complaints such as ‘brain fog’ and other things. I also received good tips about my physical symptoms, the uncertainty of how to handle conversations about my job, financial problems in the future and anything else that was on my mind at the time.”

Sign up with C-support

An application form is available at If you have trouble signing up via the website, call +31 73 44 00 440. You will have a comprehensive intake interview by phone about your symptoms and questions within a few weeks of your registration. After the intake, you will have an aftercare advisor as a regular contact person who will provide support. C-support’s help is free of charge. The government pays for it.

Geke:“It can be hard to take the step, but psychological support—someone who listens—can provide a lot of peace of mind. Especially for people like me who live alone; isolation comes into play then as well, and any kind of support can mean a lot.”


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Support groups for people with post-COVID complaints

PostCovid NL is a patient organisation for people suffering from long-term symptoms after COVID-19. They represent the interests of these patients. They also arrange support groups for people with post-COVID to talk to each other. Discussing your problems with others can be nice.

Participant:  “I feel a lot of recognition and acknowledgement of what I am going through. I feel less alone, because I see people going through the same thing. I also get good tips and feel supported because we help each other.”

To participate or learn more,
call +31 33 43 41 212 or send an email to
You can also find more information on our website: