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Are you still suffering from corona symptoms three months after being infected? Are you suffering from fatigue for example, or from muscle ache, headache, loss of taste and smell, stress or anxiety? Are you having difficulty concentrating or are you forgetting things? Are you having problems at work or are you experiencing other problems due to the corona symptoms? Please sign up for C-support. We are looking forward to helping you!

If you can't read Dutch, please ask someone to help you with the registration form.

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Signing up for C-support: how does it work?

Aftercare consultant
One of our aftercare consultants will usually call you within two weeks after signing up. And he or she will ask you how you are doing and if you have any questions.
Discuss medical symptoms

The aftercare consultant will ask you about your medical symptoms. And the impact they have on your health, social life and your work and income.
Personal advice

The aftercare consultant will truly listen to you. A consult will take 15 minutes to an hour, depending on your personal situation.
Appropriate solution
The information and tips our aftercare consultant will give you during the consult may already be of sufficient help to you. But you possibly need more help.
Consulting experts
Together with you, the aftercare consultant will look into the help you need to improve your situation. And into which healthcare providers and experts are needed to provide that help.
One contact person
Your aftercare consultant will always be your main contact person. Personal and reliable.

What to expect after signing up?


Tip! Are you deaf, hard of hearing or are you having difficulty speaking? You can make and receive phone calls via KPN Teletolk by means of text, voice and video.


Online dossier Solvio

Your aftercare consultant will always be your main contact person. He or she will store all necessary information in a safe online environment Solvio. Here, you can view your details and add information. Furthermore, you can also contact your aftercare consultant via Solvio. In a safe and reliable way.

Recovering from corona

Would you like to know what you can do to recover from corona? We will gladly give you some tips and answer all frequently asked questions.

Frequently asked questions

No, the help offered by C-support’s is free of charge. Does your aftercare consultant recommend paramedical recovery care or other treatments? Please contact your health insurance company. They can tell you more about the reimbursements you are entitled to receive for certain types of healthcare.

You can sign up for C-support if you are still suffering from corona symptoms three months after being infected. Those symptoms may vary. Some people mainly suffer from fatigue or are having difficulty concentrating. But many people also suffer physical symptoms like headache, muscle ache, pain in the joints and shortness of breath. Or are suffering from mental symptoms like anxiety and depression. We also see people struggling at work, because they are expected to return to work too soon. Or because they have been ill for one year or longer and are having financial problems due to their absence from work. We are looking at the impact of the symptoms you are suffering from. And do what is needed to improve your situation.

No, you cannot sign up for C-support if you have been infected with corona less than three months ago and are still suffering from corona symptoms today. C-support has been especially founded to help people that suffer from long-term corona symptoms. However, you can read our tips on how to deal with corona on this website. Most people recover within three months. Paramedical recovery care, such as physiotherapy, exercise therapy, occupational therapy, dietary therapy and speech therapy after a corona infection, can help recovery. Click here, for more information about paramedical recovery care.

C-support and (healthcare)professionals

C-support is using the C-support model. This model focuses on the long-term symptoms of COVID-19 across all areas of life. In addition to patient care, we also focus on research and training of (healthcare) professionals, because these are also important to be able to provide appropriate aftercare.