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Online dossier in Solvio

Did you sign up for C-support? One of our aftercare consultants will contact you after registration. He or she will ask you about the symptoms you are suffering from and the impact they have on your life. And record this conversation in your online dossier in Solvio. You will read more about Solvio on this page.

What is Solvio?

Solvio is a secure online environment for you to log onto. It contains your details and all conversation reports. Furthermore, it offers you the opportunity to easily ask all your questions. We will answer them and schedule an appointment, if necessary. Possibly via the video call option in Solvio. You can also share information with us, by adding documents to your online dossier in Solvio.

How to create an account in Solvio?

After you have spoken to the aftercare consultant, you will receive an email of Solvio. Please click the ‘Activate’ button in your email to create an account. The link will expire after 14 days. Please note! This email may be directed to your spam folder.

  1. Fill in your date of birth.
  2. Go to login details and create a password. The default user name is your email address. You can change your user name if you so desire. Make sure to remember your user name and password, since you will need them to logon to Solvio from now on.
  3. You will receive a personal verification code for extra security. You can choose how you want to receive the code, via email or via a special app. Enter the verification code in Solvio and click on ‘Verify’. Each time you log in you will receive a new verification code.
  4. Now, you have created an account and are logged in. You can view, change and add information to your details if necessary. Or you can contact your aftercare consultant if you have any questions.

Read the manual ‘How to create an account’ (Dutch only) if you would like to know more about Solvio.

Who has access to your details?

You and your aftercare consultant are the only two persons who can view and add information to your details. If you are supported by a medical or labor consultant, they also have access to your details. Other external parties, such as your GP, company doctor or employer, don’t have access. They can only view your details after you have given them permission to do so.

How does Solvio work?

We have created a manual to explain the features of Solvio.

Frequently asked questions

Please contact the helpdesk of Solvio via 050 210 02 55. The helpdesk can be reached on weekdays from 08:00 to 18:00 hours. 

1. Go to the login page of Solvio. 2. Enter your user name and password and click on ‘Log in’. 3. You will receive a verification code via email or via a special app. This personal code is for extra protection of your account. 4. Enter the verification code and click on ‘Verify’. 

1. Go to the login page of Solvio and click on ‘I cannot log in’. 2. Enter your user name or email address and click on ‘Send’. 3. You will receive an email to reset your account.